In Which I Almost Die (Seriously. I'm Not Joking).


So today started out like any other day. Got up, worked out, got ready for school, walked to school, got to the Design Center, entered the elevator, pushed the button for the 6th floor...and that's where my day took a sudden and crap-in-my-pants-horrifying turn.

It's widely known that when facing the elevators, the left one is the worse of the two. It's older and apparently, the last time it was inspected was, oh, about the 1600's.

That was the elevator I got in today.

Everything was fine until I hit the 5th floor. Suddenly there was this awful grinding noise, then, (I kid you not), the elevator dropped to the 4th floor. I actually fell back against the wall. Then it slowly crept up to the 6th floor and after a horrifying amount of time, the door slowly opened and I jumped out before it decided to drop again.

People say that their life flashes before their eyes when they have such an experience. Mine didn't. All I saw was the flaming ball of fire that was going to consume me when I hit the basement after falling 6 stories. And seriously? That's how I was going to die? In an elevator in the frickin' Design Center? (although one of my friends pointed out that going down in a firey elevator is sort of glamorous. I don't think I agree)

It took me about a half hour before I could stop shaking. And I absolutely took the stairs on my way down.


Bar Bar A said...

OH TRACI! I would have been shaking too, you poor thing...pardon my language but this would have scared the sh*t out of me! I am so glad your okay!!!!!!!

insaknitty said...

I'm so glad you didn't die!! that sounds very scary... when I lived in chicago, I had a hell-evator in my apartment building. sometimes it would open partway while in between floors, and often would not show up when called. but it never fell while I was in it - I can only imagine how scary that must've been! stay alive, ok??

jpn said...

that's amazingly scary, glad you're ok. what a rush though!

Mike & Jess said...

You know, that is one of my worst fears, getting stuck in (or falling) in an elevator. I would've had a meltdown. You seem to be doing quite well, all things considered!

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