In Which I Make the Biggest Mess Ever.


At this point in the game, do I even need to give my commentary on this?

In case you're wondering, it was a seasame oil, soy sauce, garlic, scallion, sugar, cooking wine, seasame seed beef marinade.

Guess what our apartment smells like?

And how funny is it that immediately after this happened, we laughed, then grabbed a camera, then finished watching a tv show...and then, 10 minutes later cleaned it up?


Bar Bar A said...

Sounds to me like you have your priorities in order! The TV show would not have waited for you, but the mess (unfortunately) did.

Mmmmm...sounds good.

insaknitty said...

was the tv show lost? heehee. and I am amazed that none of the stuff got on you. you must be quick like cats.

Traci said...

Yes. I am very convinced that messes can wait...a little bit at least.

And I'm embarrassed to say that I wasn't watching Lost at the time.

When you have as many accidents as I seem to, you learn to jump out of the way. I think that came from the time I dropped a very large knife...didn't cut off my foot though!

wendy said...

That's awesome. I need to learn that. Laugh at it and then leave it! But yes, that does sound like a yummy marinade! Too bad you didn't get to eat it.

julie said...

This is precisely the reason you need a dog.

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