Live 8 DVD.


So, my dear husband continues with the awesome gift giving (I promise to stop bragging about his awesome gift giving abilities after this. Only probably not, cause I like bragging about him). He finally got home from his long (3 week) trip to China, and as usual, picked me up a few things. This time, his big surprise was this Live 8 DVD set, which contains all of the Live 8 concerts (he obviously remembered me trying in vain last fall to download the concerts online). I'm especially happy and excited about this, first, for the music and all, of course, but also for the packaging.

I love this Live 8 graphic, and the packaging for the DVD is pretty exciting. But can I point out that Coldplay* just never gets the love from China? Last time it was "Coolplay", and now it's "Coldpaly". Classic.

Also, I just love the Jib Jab / Last Supper - ishness of the 8 Leaders. Tony Blair looks like he'd rather be anywhere than sitting at a table dressed like a Sargent Peppers Lonely Heart Club member. And GW obviously can't wait to finish up the meeting so he can have some pound cake. All of this is happening as that poor little starving boy is watching. I'm sure there's a metaphor in there somewhere.

*The DVD is even more fun if, while Coldplay (or Coldpaly, if you will) is performing, you dance around your living room to see who can do the best "Chris-Martin-On-Stage" impression. I think I might have won this round. Sorry Herman.

**And contrary to popular belief (*nudge, nudge* Julie. And you know I love you right?), not every music/movie store in China is pirated and illegal. Although their English (or is that Engrish***?) spelling might not be spot on, this DVD is legal (to the best of our knowledge, that is).

***And speaking of this "site-of-endless-reading-pleasure", you must check out the toilet seat cover entry. Because one truly does not get enough of the blessing of nature when going to the bathroom. "Take a pause, have a rest. Then look back and reconsider your life." Oh, how I love you O-Type.


julie said...

Hmmm - is this legal??

Always wanted to see it myself.

Traci said...

Julie...see addendum to post.


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