My Happy Place.


When you've got worries, all the noise and the hurries, you can always go*...To your happy place.

I've recently found that it's nice to have said happy place to go in order to get away from some of the stress that's been surrounding me. Mine? The Daily Show. Your's might be different. But how does it work, you ask?

Have a near death experience in the elevator from hell? Don't fret. Watch the Daily Show.

Find that the bottoms are falling out of your pilsner glasses way to often? Don't cry. Watch the Daily Show.

Have a heated discussion with the spouse? Pause. Count to 10. Then watch the Daily Show.

Find that you're frightening to the local townfolk at 2.00 am? Go home and watch the Daily Show.

Can't cook your frozen pizza in English? Download the Daily Show.

Have a pigeon smack into your head...while indoors? Chop it into bits, throw it on the chicken house roof...then go watch the Daily Show.

Actually, those last three aren't mine. Wesley, David, and Josh...Find your own damn happy place.

*My sincere apologies to Petula Clark for stealing and then changing her lyrics. Or...not...Most likely, not.


Anonymous said...

Or...have a chocolate waffle (as Josh would say)

As for me, my happy place is:
Catching up on episodes of LOST & Battlestar Galatica on itunes. (yes, I've gone to the Dark side.)

Or...Savoring 4 scoops of Rocky Road ice cream from my Snoopy cup (Note: that would be MY cup, not Jenna's). --Lina

insaknitty said...

aww... the daily show... I don't have cable anymore. sad! my happy place is pretty much anywhere where my eyes are closed and I'm pretty much unconscious. ;)

Wesley said...

I had "the hurries" the other day, but fortunately they didn't last long (OK, sorry...)

I think my happy place involves cats and blankets.

Traci said...

Bravo on all of your happy places.

And I want to amend mine. The Daily Show and a great margarita.

Slimbolala said...

Mine involves a gallon jug of blackstrap molasses, several yards of razor-wire, and Dramamine.*

* You don't want to know.

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