Strange Days.


A couple of years ago, we were in Krakow, Poland (one of my favorite places, by the way) enjoying a particularly delicious meal in a great little restaurant. We were also enjoying one of their more popular brews of beer: Okocim. At the end of the meal, my dear husband managed to somehow talk the wait staff into giving us a couple of the Okocim Pilsner glasses (I think he offered to pay, but they gave them to us for free). They also threw in a number of these beer coasters.

The first of the glasses met its fateful end when I was washing it and bashed it against the side of the sink. Not surprising, seeing as I've broken over 20 glasses in our 4.5 years of marriage.

But this one...was strange.

We have this bookcase (in black/brown, not white) sitting behind our couch, dividing our living room from our work space. Naturally, we end up setting glasses there while we're reading or watching tv. This morning, I reached to grab this Okocim glass (half full of Coke, and possibly a bit of rum, of course) to take it into the kitchen, and the bottom fell off.

It's one of the stranger things I've seen. It just came clean off. No little shards of glass, and the separated edges aren't even that sharp. I was so confused as to how the glass was half full when I picked it up, then completely empty in my hand, that it took me a few seconds to realize that the bottom piece, and the coke, was all over our couch.

Any of you out there that are smarter than me (that would be all of you) you know what would make this happen?

I'm thinking Dick Cheney had something to do with it. But I'm sure that can't be proven. Yet.


Wesley said...

Oh dear, this hasn't been your week, has it?

I have not experienced your death-defying elevator ride (thank goodness -- very glad to hear you are still with us), but I have experienced exactly this phenomenon. Heavy-bottomed pint glass, sitting on smooth surface, bottom breaks cleanly off when you go to lift it.

I had a hard time explaining it as well. The closest I could come is that perhaps the bottom had caused a tiny, sealed vacuum layer on the underside of the glass, and the strength of this vacuum was somehow enough so that when you pulled on the glass, the glass just gave. Yeah, that's pseudo-physicky, I know. It was really, really strange... particularly that feeling of picking up the glass almost naturally -- a tiny bit of resistance and then it's free.

Well I don't think I've added much to the mystery...

Traci said...

Thanks Wesley. I'm glad I'm still here too.

Apparently the whole "bottom falling out of the glass" thing is quite common. You had it happen. Plus another friend of mine just had it happen recently. I think your pseudo-physicky explanation makes a lot of sense.

Maybe we should start some sort of group. Survivors of the mystery or something.

Oh, and I also had to laugh when I saw your comment. I told H. that when I sent out a plea for explanations, I was really sending out a plea to Wesley. You're my hero.

Wesley said...

Wherever there is an anecdote that can tangentially be connected to something trivial in my own experience,
Wherever there is prattling-on to be done on someone's blog,
Wherever there is boredom or ennui to be conquered, or at least temporarily postponed,
I'll be there.

Oh, and the SotM group sounds cool. I nominate you to design the logo. Or at least choose the font.

Traci said...

As long as you write the manifest. We might not make much sense as a group, but at least we'll sound and look nice.


gubendko! (that was the word verification. It has a nice ring to it) Let the prattling continue!

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