Back to the Northeast.


So. That was one crazy trip. But we had a great time, and being home was amazing (prompting me to ask Herman at least once a day "so, we'll move home after I graduate?"). Here's a quick recap:

Friday: Arrived in SJ. Late.
Saturday: Slept in. Hung out with Sumiko all afternoon.
Sunday: Spent time with Wendy, Susan, and the beautiful Isabelle. Had Herman's birthday dinner with his family.
Monday: Drove down to LA. Hung out with my cousin Mikael (and made a whirlwind trip to Riverside). Spent the night with my cousin Kelly (she's getting married next summer!).
Tuesday: Drove back to the Bay Area. Dinner at Krung Thai!
Wednesday: Had lunch with an old friend, Dale, who I hadn't seen in 12 years and who happened to be in the Bay Area for a job interview. Threw Herman a birthday party with a bunch of our friends.
Thursday: Had an interview in Berkeley at Ready Made Magazine (hopefully for a summer internship). Spent the evening with Dean and Sumiko.
Friday: Woke up at 4.30 am. Made Dean take us to the airport at 5.00 am. (Thanks Dean!). Flew back to Providence.

Also: Put an extra 1000 miles on my car. Ate tons of good food. Visited all our old haunts (Mountain View!). Decided that I definitely want to live in the Bay Area.

Good times.

Sumi and me.
(A very pregnant and beautiful) Elena and me.
Eli and Jacob (Herman's cousins kids)
Mama and Herman
Our second apt (the "other side of the tracks" apt)
Our first apt (the "$1700 a month 1 bedroom which we only lived in for 6 months" apt)


Bar Bar A said...

Great pics! You and Herman are so cute and all his relatives are beautiful. Cute kiddos too.

insaknitty said...

heehee! it was so good to see you! sad we didn't get to watch lost together... btw, I heard an npr thing on ready made once and I was intrigued! how did the interview go?

wendy said...

it was soooo good chatting with you!! and i hope you get the internship so you can be in the bay area this summer! :)

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