Martha, Martha, Martha.


I used to be a Martha fan. That was like, 10 years ago, when I thought that I needed to be crafty (I'm so so not crafty). Then I sort of moved on*. I just didn't feel like I needed to recycle that dead animal, dye it blue, and make a day planner cover out of it. Sorry Martha**.

But still I went to see her and some of her worker bees talk at RISD tonight. I guess she likes to hire RISD people (and she gives 2 scholarships a year or something like that, which is actually pretty cool), and visits here once a year. I wasn't going to go, but decided to when I found out that all of my friends were going (apparently I would jump off a cliff if all of them did), and well, according to one of them, "It's Martha!".

It was fine. She and the RISD grads that work for her talked about building a design vocabulary. Interesting enough.

And she collects dead fish. It's a good thing.

*Besides finding that I'm not crafty, I think it also had something to do with me failing miserably at making one of her cakes. Although to be fair, it wasn't entirely her fault that I couldn't find cognac in the spice aisle. That was just my naive stupidity. Still. Stupid recipe.

**I'm so not going to get the Martha Stewart scholarship. And no, I don't think Martha reads my blog.***

***And my apologies to any Martha fans. I joke because I care.


julie said...

I like some of Martha's stuff, but I could NEVER work for her. She demands perfection - no mistakes! The pressure would kill me.

Not that I don't think you'd be good (you'd be an assett to anyone!) intern/employee to Martha, but you just don't seem the type. I remember reading some blog once with the title, "The Anti-Martha" - pretty clever.

insaknitty said...

martha, martha, martha... my girl friends and I were talking about her the other night and one of them mentioned how martha had built some gimongous gingerbread house before. to which my other friend replied, "in prison?" hm. that doesn't seem as funny in print, but, trust me. mass hilarity.

insaknitty said...

ps. YES we SO need to talk about lost. hello!!

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