So What Did You Do Today?


Me? I broke things.

First, my phone. I just dropped it. On the ground. And it slid under the 4Runner. I've dropped it before, so I thought "no big deal". Until I really looked at it and saw that the display died. This is seriously going to hamper the whole screening of phone calls thing that I have going on. Only not. Because I don't really do that. Ok. Maybe a little. Shhhh.

Then I broke a bowl in the kitchen (dropped that too), and almost killed the husband when he stepped on a piece of glass in his bare feet ("killed" might be a slight exaggeration).

So, word to the wise: should you have anything valuable or breakable, a nice vase, a mirror, a baby - don't entrust them to me. Which is kind of sad because I like babies.

On an unrelated note, should I be alarmed that the girl (read: younger than me) at the drive thru at Starbucks told me to "drive safe, hon"? Would you judge me if I said it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside? Yes? Well it didn't.

On an even more unrelated note, I drove right through a film set on the way to the gym this morning. Yeah. Here. In Providence. Unfortunately, it wasn't anything too exciting. Just Underdog. I got to see the dog though. Cute. And both more wealthy and more pampered than me.

Lastly, and really, really unrelated: does anyone else here find the name Harry Frankfurt funny? How about if I told you he wrote an essay called "On Bullshit"*? No? Just me? Fine. I'm going back to bed.

*reading this for my Type class.


insaknitty said...

speaking of funny names... how come everyone involved in the underdog film have such weird ones? peter dinklage? really?

julie said...

Coincidentally, I have heard of him - I am a bookseller afterall.

It's actually a pretty popular title.

bazeblog said...

i have those days... usually once a month... sorry, probably too much information.

Wesley said...

Harry Frankfurt: Funny. Wouldn't want it in my lunchbag. If I had a lunchbag. Which I don't. Precisely to avoid this sort of situation, come to think of it.

On Bullshit: Funny. Could be title of 95% of academic papers. At least of the ones I wrote.

And hon, you needed a new phone anyway.

Traci said...

Yeah. Peter Dinklage. I feel inclined to blame his parents, but I don't know if anything would go with "Dinklage".

And yes, "On Bullshit" is quite popular, although my thought is that it is exactly that - Bullshit. I'm thinking someone got dared to see if they could write a paper on it, and dupe thousands of people into buying it. I'm talking to you, Professor Harry Frankfurt.

And Wesley, hon...well...that's it really.

Mike & Jess said...

Traci, I can relate. Really. Today while backing out of my garage, I managed to run over a garbage can (thank God, a rubbermaid) and actually get it STUCK on my tire (over my tire, into the wheel well). A friendly neighbor had to extricate the can from my car before I could continue on, I couldn't even yank it off by myself it was on there so tight. How the heck do you not see a trashcan? Neighbors, beware.

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