So, Invisible Children. You've heard me talk about it here before.

This Saturday is the Global Night Commute, and I can guarantee that you'll be hearing about it because over 38,000 people in 7 different countries have signed up to sleep on the streets that night. 38,000. That's pretty incredible.

Not only that, but Jason and Bobby and Laren are being flown to Chicago tomorrow to BE ON OPRAH! I normally don't watch her show, but seriously - if you can - watch tomorrow at 4.00.

Also, I noticed that a lot of people have googled "Providence Global Night Commute" and ended up on my site. If you're here and want to know more about what's happening in Providence on Saturday, here ya go:

Where: Bank of America Skate Center, 2 Kennedy Plaza
When: Saturday April 29, 2006
What time: We'll start checking people in around 7.00 pm Saturday. And we'll pack up and leave around 7.00 am on Sunday.

And of course: for more info, go here.


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