Weekend in the City.


Our beloved Joshua Radin was playing in the city this past weekend, as part of the Green Apple Music Festival. Since he recently signed with Columbia Records, and on his upcoming tour he'll be opening for a little known singer named Bob Dylan, we figured we'd better jump at this chance to see him in a small venue again. Plus, Cary Brothers was playing with him, so, you know...

The show was fantastic. Schuyler Fisk opened, and had the best "oh-my-god" moment when Sissy Spacek came out on stage with her, because, yeah, that's her mom. They both sing great and Mrs. Spacek didn't at all steal the thunder from her daughter. What a great mom (the other celebrity sighting of the night was Bridget Moynahan, quietly sitting in her booth looking all famous. And yes, she's just as beautiful in person). The venue, Joe's Pub was just perfect, seating (or standing) about 100 people, and we had great seats just right of the stage. Brothers followed Fisk with a 45 minute set, then Joshua Radin did about a 45 minute set as well. It was the perfect night: great atmosphere, good beer, and music that breaks your heart it's so beautiful.

Sunday was the day to hang out with Jervis and Michelle and go to the NY Auto Show. It was fun, but after 4 hours, got a bit too hot and crowded for me. I saw what I wanted to see: the new Shelby Mustang, and the new version of my car. Then we headed over to Brooklyn to eat at Sea, which is the second best Thai food I've eaten (the first, of course, being Krung Thai). And definitely one of the greatest atmospheres.

That's all.


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