Who's Absent?


"The Wonderful World of Graphic Design"* recently took us to the early 1900's and the art of propaganda posters. The coercion and guilt placed on people during war times in order to get them "excited" about a war they don't want isn't new, and apparently, neither is the random renaming of harmless objects (see Wesley's take on renaming here).

During WWI Americans renamed sauerkraut "liberty cabbage", German measles "liberty measles" (there's a misnomer for you), and, my favorite, the poor little Dachshunds became "liberty dogs".

There was some joy to be found in the "Liberty Dog". As seen by the sketch my friend Katherine made in my notebook.

*aka, the History of Graphic Design


Wesley said...

Aw, liberty dogs. So cute.

I wonder if they leave freedom droppings?

Traci said...

Yeah, but I hear if you don't pick up after them you'll get a freedom beating.

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