Y is the Peace Sign.


I'm not one of those people who can pull all-nighters. Granted, I've never actually pulled an all-nighter (the latest I've gone is 3 am), but I know the quality and coherency of my work dramatically decreases after 1.00 am.

Last night, at 2.30 am, after a myriad of printing problems, and execution issues, I triumphantly held my project in my hands, admiring my workmanship, and feeling pretty good about myself. Until I proceeded to open the piece and realized that I had glued the contents in UPSIDE DOWN. Frick! At that point, there was nothing left to do but go to bed.

Then I started laughing. That sort of manical laughter that can only happen after you've put 12+ hours into a project only to have it ruined* by one tiny detail (It's my attention to detail that's going to make me a great designer, really). I think I was twitching at that point too.

I was still sort of punch drunk and giggling by the time I crawled into bed at 3.00, which prompted this brilliant conversation between me and Herman (who up til that point had been fast asleep):

Herman: "What's funny?"

Me (between giggles): "I glued my piece in upside down."

H: "Why did you glue your piece in upside down?" (At least, I thought that's what he said).

Me: "Because I'm tired."

H: "No. Y is the peace sign upside down!"

Me: "okay."

When I showed it to my professor, and explained why it was upside down, I mumbled something about not working well at 2.30 am. His response? "So why were you?" Touche, Janitor. Touche.


sumi said...

This hilarious entry was brought to you by the letter Y and the number 3 . . . the adventures continue, eh? I totally feel your pain, though, and am glad you chose to laugh rather than cry at that hour. Aren't incoherent conversations with sleeping significant others the best?! :)

insaknitty said...

omg... I'm so stupid. I totally was taking a sip of coffee as I read that brilliant exchange between you and herman. I'm still trying to cough the rest of the coffee out of my nose. *hackhack* haha. hilarious!

wendy said...

that's awesome :) and your piece (or peace?) looks beautiful!

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