As of 1.00 pm tomorrow afternoon, I will officially be done with my first year. And not a moment too soon. I seem to have lost my motivation. And might I say, my confidence. This semester (and my sophomore review today) just took it out of me.

And a quick note about the book (below). I actually made the entire thing from scratch - even bound it all by myself (without gluing my fingers together - shock!). I never meant this to be any sort of instructional blog, but I know some of you have an interest in bookmaking...It's quite easy and if you want to know, I can give a quick "tutorial". Let me know.


insaknitty said...

yay for being done! according to my clock here, you're 18 minutes away from official done-ness. :) hooray for you and don't be bummed, because you are awesome. :)

marmotsm said...

woo hoo! Go Traci! Ignore the crazy professors...which would be most of them.

Danidoodle said...

I LOVE bookmaking. Just had a few friends over a couple of weeks ago to share the knowledge! It was pretty fun, but none of our books turned out all THAT nice. I like yours though. Way to go on one year done!

wendy said...

yaayy! congrats on making it thru the first year :) yes yes tutorial please!!

bazeblog said...

another request for a tutorial!!! your book is GORGEOUS! and i promise not to copy it & turn it in as my work.

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