It's A Book.


Or otherwise known as, that thing that has had me occupied for the past week. Well...that and the 5 hour crit from hell yesterday and the 5 hour crit today. At least there was pizza.

So. Type class and our final project. We were given two texts "On Bullshit" by Harry Frankfurt (snigger) and a chapter from Annie Dillard's "Pilgram at Tinker Creek" called "Fecundity". We chose one of the texts, then chose a supplementary text and designed a book. Pretty straightforward stuff.

I chose "On Bullshit" because, well, I thought it was bullshit and I was able to pepper the essay with the delightful commentary - or "deep thoughts" if you will - of Jack Handey*. At the encouragement of my professor and classmates, I showed a bit of restraint and instead of making it an incredibly visually interesting work of art, I just tried to make it a beautiful book that you really have to read to get to the funny**.

Ok. So it was a bit boring compared to the work of my peers. And ok, so no one really wanted to look at it because, just looked like a book. But - it made my professor laugh so hard that he cried. Real tears. I saw 'em. Eat that.

*I don't know if it's possible to have just one favorite Deep Thought, but these are pretty much at the top of my list:
"Maybe in order to understand mankind we need to look at the word itself. Basically, it's made up of two separate words - "MANK" and "IND". What do those words mean? It's a mystery and that's why so it mankind."
"It makes me mad when I go to all the trouble of having Marta cook up about a hundred drumsticks, then the guy at Marineland says, 'You can't throw chicken to the dolphins. They eat fish.' Sure they eat fish, if that's all you give them. Man, wise up."
"Probably the saddest thing you'll see is a mosquito sucking on a mummy. Forget it, little friend"
Ah...the good old days.

**For instance, in a paragraph where Frankfurt is talking about lying, I inserted "Of all the tall tales, I think my favorite one is about Eli Whitney and the interchangable parts".


gobdol said...

That looks awesome! It is done so well. Bravo! I am looking forward to taking this book off of our book shelf to read on a rainy day. Or perhaps, I can pick up my own copy off of Amazon sometime soon.

insaknitty said...

haha - commentary by jack handey... love it!! my roommate and I used to sit around and hold "deep thoughts" readings in college. the laughter, the tears - man, those were the days...

Wesley said...

Viva 45wall Press!

everting said...

brilliant. :) i love jack handey.

Sumi said...

Beautiful design, T! So classy and *understated* . . . way to show restraint! ;)

Hope the second copy is coming along nicely . . .

wendy said...

how fun! where did you guys get the books bound? book arts is another one of those things i'd love to get into one day... :)

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