There's No Place Like Home.


Berkeley it is!

I just found out that I got the internship at ReadyMade Magazine! I can't stop talking in exclamation points!

So that would be a 100% chance that we're going home for the summer, just in case you were wondering.



Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Traci! I knew you could get it! ;) Hey, that just makes me want to take a MPD trip back to Cali this summer! (Lina)

Mike & Jess said...


julie said...

Great news, Traci! I'm so proud of you - they won't want to let you go at the end of the summer once they see how incredible talented you are. I know you'll love being back home in Cali. A big congrats to you!

marmotsm said...

Yay! Congratulations!! You can enjoy allll the yummy food! Wait, I'm moving to the east coast and you're moving back to the west coast??

Wesley said...

Congrats, Traci.

So what do you think of their font?


insaknitty said...

congrats!! and congrats to me, because this means we can hang out. :) teehee. you're gonna do so great. yay!

Zaki said...

That's excellent news, my dear! I knew the alphabet book in your portfolio would seal the deal . . . and am glad to hear you'll be back on the block for more Yauzaki adventures.

Congratulations on this next chapter!

Christie said...

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay for your ReadyMade internship, Traci! So freaking cool. I'm curious to hear what it will be like. And thanks for mentioning me in your recent Snow Patrol entry as well!

I think the first comment you ever made in my blog long ago was about Snow Patrol. I'm excited for the show!

wendy said...

wah!!! so exciting!!!! and yay that you'll be home! :D

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