You Know it Had to Happen Some Day.


I ruined my wedding ring.

Well...ruined - ruined is the right word.

The whole episode went something like this: We were getting ready to leave for the city and, of course, were running late. I put on my boots and noticed that the sole of the heel was coming off. No problem, I thought, because I have the superest strength super glue that can fix that in a second. Literally. It dries in like, a second.

I grabbed it off my desk, and began walking towards the entry way to glue the heel, when I felt something very wet all over my hands. Then in the next instance, something drying very fast. I have no idea how it happened, but the bottle of super glue managed to explode (or leak, more likely) all over my hands*.

I ran to the kitchen to run water over my hands (why I thought that would help is beyond me). It was only at this point that I noticed that my pinky and my ring finger were sort of attached. Then I noticed that my engagement and wedding rings were also attached - to each other and to my finger. I do believe a stream of interesting words came out of my mouth, but I can't be sure.

I managed to rip my two fingers apart (and only sacrificed a bit of flesh in the endeavor), then after really working, managed to pull my rings off my finger (taking a little more flesh on that one). It took an entire day of rubbing my hands and peeling off glue, but my hands are now back to normal.

Unfortunately, the same can't be said of my beautiful rings. They were both covered in a solid layer of superglue. I soaked them in hot water. I soaked them in acetone. Nothing has worked thus far. But we did call the jeweler Herman bought the rings from, and he said that he can fix it. Until then, I'm ringless.

So sad.

*And the misadventures continue.


insaknitty said...

oh, sadness! at least herman got it from a real jeweler. did you ever see that "that 70s show" episode where kitty finds out red got her ring for $10? hahaha... sorry. poor ring. :(

miko said...

*cringe* it reminded me of my own ring misadventure when the poor, beautiful thing had to be sawed off my engorged, purple finger. "are you pregnant?" asked the jeweler. "nope. just bloated." thankfully, they bounce right back, and it will be back to new in no time my dear!

Mike & Jess said...

I feel for you, really, I do. But I am dying laughing. How do you get into these kind of situations? :)

Bar Bar A said...

bummer dude

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