And All That.


After getting done with classes (and being very burnt out), having the traveling husband finally home after 3 weeks, having our good friends in town, and getting ready to leave for California, it's no wonder this whole bloggy thing has suffered. I don't even really feel bad about it. At all.

Herman finally got his first photo gig this past week, which meant getting some new photo equipment. He was ecstatic about having other people to practice on (I get quite crabby having my photo taken):


Bar Bar A said...

Wait a danm minute...are you MOVING to CA????? Like where? I hope near me!

julie said...

Can I just say 3 words: HATE MY EAR!

We had a blast! Let's do it again in Oki!!

noa said...

Great weekend with the two of you. Sorry about your phoenix suns.

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