In Which I Try to Find the Motivation to Actually Keep Up This Blogging Thing.


Somehow, in 5 years of marriage, Herman and I never actually got to celebrate an anniversary. So he decided to make up for it this year, telling me (about a month ago) that he was going to take me out of town the weekend of our anniversary. But of course he wouldn't tell me where, which drove me nuts and prompted me to implement the "clue a day" game. Which he skillfully avoided on most occasions*. Well played indeed.

On Thursday night he revealed that we would be driving down to LA. But my husband doesn't do anything half assed. I would have been completely content to drive my own beloved car down there, but do you know what he did instead? He rented us this. For the whole weekend. To drive. Yeah.

Friday night we finally got to go to Hotel Cafe where we enjoyed some great beer and live music. Saturday morning we woke up and promptly turned on the tv to watch Portugal once again beat England (a la Euro Cup 2004). Which, by the way, dear Wayne Rooney - it's never a good idea to step on another guys crotch. Even I know that. The rest of the day was spent shopping**, then Herman took me to an incredible Japanese/California infusion (?) restaurant, which was amazing, but I can't for the life of me remember what it's called. I'll get back to you on that.

Sunday we woke up and drove to Vegas (Vegas!) where we stayed here. Ate a bunch of food, walked in the 200 degree Nevada desert heat. Took a gondola ride through the very clean (and very unlike the real thing) waters of the hotel. Shopped a bit more. Blah. Blah. Blah (I'm even boring myself here. I can't imagine what it's like for all of you).

We do have a ton of photos which I'll post later.

That's all. It was a good weekend.

*He is not only master of the gift giving, he is also master of evading direct questions. Usually by pretending he didn't hear me, and walking away. Nicely, of course.

**Is it completely weird that my husband has more clothes than I do? Yeah, I think so to. I packed my entire wardrobe to CA for the summer - in one suitcase.


Mike & Jess said...

I love the "clue a day" game. I have tried before myself to implement this little game. Somehow Mike doesn't seem to get how FUN it can be! He too has mastered the answer-evasion!

rita said...

traci! :) i called you and left a message, but knowing that most people cant understand what i say, i'm free tuesday and wed of the week and everytday for the rest of the time you're here except mondays and thursdays, so let me know! :)

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