What I am Currently Thinking About.


Know what sucks?

Kidney Stones.

Know what really really sucks?

Two kidney stones. That won't pass.

Know what makes having kidney stones a bit more fun? Saying it like this.

KidNEY Stooones. See? Hilarious. I can't stop laughing.

And yes...I really do have 2 kidney stones.


Regi McInfly said...

I think i just peed my pants.

Layla said...

Hey Traci!!!!

I hope you don't have kidney stones??? do you? Oh crap thats awful.

Look at Regi all cool in her shades!

bad er driver said...

you're one tough cookie, kid!

julie said...

Kidney stones suck.

I hear that passing them is worse than giving birth.

Ouch - maybe you can keep them as a souvenir for putting in all that work.

Wesley said...

Ouch, that's awful. Just make sure they get 'em all out the first time around.

My wife kept her catheter as a souvenir.

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