Alaska For Beginners.


In spite of the disappointment of not getting to see any bears or moose in Alaska (isn't that place like teeming with those things?), we had, of course, a fantastic time.

Glaciers, fancy dinners, bald eagles, domesticated reindeer and cats, dogsled camp, rock climbing, king salmon, cheap drinks...what's not to love about cruising in Alaska?


marmotsm said...

Yeah no moose for me either in Alaska. Must know we're coming. So glad you hd fun. Sled dogs are awesomeeeee. Did you see them in denali?

Regi McInfly said...

did you know that there is an actual law in Alaska (can't remember which city) that says moose con not have sex on the side walk.

My question is.....who has the guts to stop them and give them a ticket??

julie said...

Oh I am so jealous. Your pics are great, of course. I can't wait to hear about it - when I can actually call you. I love the photos of the dogs, naturally.

everting said...

great photos!

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