I've officially completed my first week of classes. It looks to be a good semester (as in no teachers from hell), but I have to say, it also looks to be one of my busiest semesters.

But I'm not so much interested in that, what I am wondering though is why in the name of all things strange did I wake up 3 days ago with my ring finger swollen and barely movable? I've almost got full mobility back, but it's still swollen and a bit sore...and I can't even get my wedding rings on. Any takers on this?

Also, why, in the middle of Red Sox Nation, did I find NY Yankee peanuts in the supermarket?

So many questions...


everting said...

weird about the ring finger. i had that happen once but i think it was a mosquito bite...

great chatting with you briefly on the phone! in person next time, i hope! :)

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