Holy Crap (We're Going to Paris!)


RISD is sort of different in that we have 12 week semesters, rather than the normal 15 week ones. They do this so that they can squeeze a full semester's worth of work into 6 weeks between Christmas and the Spring semester and call it "Winter session". This is the time that we get to take classes outside of our department, you know, to see what else the school has to offer. I was sort of dreading winter session this year because, being a junior, we're still sort of low in the pecking order of getting to choose classes. I just knew I was going to get stuck with two classes that I hated, but would have to be in for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.

Until about 3 weeks ago, when I was getting on the elevator and saw a small poster announcing a winter session PHOTOGRAPHY class in PARIS!!! Did I want to spend 5 weeks and my last winter session at RISD in Paris? Hell yeah.

So I paid my deposit this morning. We're* going to Paris for 5 weeks! And get this: the dark rooms** are only open til 7.00 at night, and not open at all on the weekends, thus "forcing" us to travel and engage in the culture. For shame! I'm thinking London. I'm thinking Amsterdam. I'm thinking Milan. It's all close over there right?

So, if any of you have recommendations for restaurants, places (other than the obvious tourist spots) to visit, etc, please let us know! Also, if you happen to know anyone that would want to rent us a studio apartment...you know...tell me!

*No, Herman will not be taking the photo class with me. He is going along for the ride though!

**This is where we'll be studying.


Sumi said...

Tres bien! So glad that your 8:15 "advance screening" paid its rewards . . . congratulations, and enjoy! :)

Anonymous said...

Super! I just know that you're going to catch a concert or two while you're there. :) I hear that cary brothers will be in the UK in late Nov/Dec! --Lina

julie said...

Wow - you will love it I'm sure. How's your French? Have you been studying up on it? I haven't touched Japanese for weeks - I'm to busy with work. I can't wait to see the pictures that come from this trip - talk about an adventure!

everting said...

that's so cool. i emailed you and my friend peter who just moved to paris with his wife. but i wrote the email when i was really tired, so it probably became a bit incoherent at the end.....:)

Fulani said...

La Moel - Loosely "the marrow"
Rue de Vasco de Gamma
nuf said
peace and love,

noa said...

In regards to restaurants and food in Paris, I'm pretty sure that you can get the McRib year-round. I love the McRib. How come we can't have it year-round in the U.S. of A? Just goes to show you--the French know how to do food.

insaknitty said...

gasp! such fun! I have zero suggestions for you because I have never been to paris. and/or the rest of europe. but! I know you will have fun! whee! (or is it oui? heehee)

Benji said...

Hey there did u get my email? sent it to your yahoo address.

bazeblog said...

JEALOUS... and i'm not ashamed to admit it!
... and i heard mike recount "the marrow" paris gastronomical experience too many times to count... i think gabe m. has info on how to get there.
have you talked to the newells on any ideas for finding a flat?

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