In Which I Prove to the World That I am a Klutz.


It was bound to happen at one point or another.

I wiped out while walking to school yesterday.

And it wasn't on a quiet street where I could look around, pick my embarassed self off the ground, and silently pretend nothing happened. It was on the sidewalk of a particularly busy street - right by the traffic light. So I not only had an audience, I had a very captive one.

In my defense, I was walking on a dodgy part of the sidewalk, apparently where no one ever dares to walk, seeing as it hadn't been scraped of the snow and ice that was on it. There wasn't even a speck of salt on it.

But there I was, talking on my cell phone (shhhhh....), carefully avoiding the big patches of ice. When I hung up the phone, I immediately slipped, and dropped to one knee, the other leg splayed out to the side.

I thought about pulling out my best "jazz hands" and bowing to my adoring audience. But instead, I gave a sheepish smile and (quickly) went on my merry way.

Stupid ice.



Street Art.

A Weed in the Snow.

Intially, the subject of this post was simply, "Weed". But then I realized that might give the wrong idea. So I changed it.

Urban Decay.

In Which I Completely Lose My Will to Eat.


I grew up in Idaho. You know, meat and patata's* land. A normal meal at the Easterday home was meat, and well...potatos. If we ate fish, it was normally of the breaded variety.

Then I grew up and married a Chinese guy. What would have once had my stomach churning is now, strangely enough, normal. Pork butt with the butt still attached (hair and all)? No problem! Watching my father in law suck on fish head? Doesn't bother me. Pig snout? Chicken feet? Fried worms? Congealed chicken blood? Bring it on.**

When we went out to a really nice dinner with Herman's family our last night in Montreal, I was doing great. We had amazing Peking Duck. Incredible beef and vegetables. Yummy soup and lettuce wraps. So what made me completely lose my appetite?

Fried frog legs.

I know, I's really not that big of a deal. Lots of people right here in the states eat fried frog legs.

But you see, I hate frogs. Hate them. When my husband and I were dating I told him there were two ways to ensure a swift end to our dating relationship: one, to sing to me in public. Two, to tease me about frogs. I'm pretty tough, I was raised on a farm, I've seen lots of gross things, but frogs...I can't handle frogs***.

I think it stems from one incident when I was three years old. I was putting on some irrigating boots so I could go irrigating with my dad. I slipped my (very bare) foot in one, and smashed a frog (with said very bare foot). They've plagued me ever since. I swear they follow me. It's like some sort of Hitchcockian horror film.

That's it. Fried frog legs. I'm a wimp.

Oh yeah, and we got our maple syrup. That's right people!

*"Potatos" to the uniniated city people.

**Mind you, I never actually eat this stuff. I've just gotten immune to other people eating it around me.

***And I might be slightly crazy for admitting this on the internet.

The Wisdom of the Northerners.


"When the road is slippery, it takes longer to stop."

Blah, Blah, Blah, Arret, Blah, Blah, Food.


Montreal, to be exact. Home of the French Canadians: Arret! Solde! Si Vous Plait! Wee! And, some of Herman's family. They happen to be the reason we came up here. All the French (and snow) are just perks.

This is my life when with Herman's family:

blah blah blahdy blah blah dinner. Blah blah blah car blah blah blahdy blah. Blah phone blah. Blah blah blah blah blah dog blah. ha ha ha.*

Then my very patient husband patiently translates the joke that everyone was laughing about. His family waits in eager anticipation for the punchline in English (at which they laugh at again), for me to laugh, which I always's a fun process.**

*The blah's being mandarin Chinese, interspersed with the few (but often important) words that I actually understand.

**I must say that I adore Herman's family, and they are incredibly wonderful and loving and accepting of me. We all laugh at my horrible inability to speak any Chinese - especially after being a part of this family for 8 years!

Outta Here.


That's it. We've had enough. We're going to Canada.

But only for a few days. Then we'll be back. Hopefully with some maple syrup.

More Old Fashioned Photography.


I'm spending my time in the dark room these days...

It's a Smena!


So I completely forgot that I was going to share my cool new toy with you all. Without further it is:

A Smena 8m camera! It's widely known among those who, well, know Herman and me, that he's the tech guy and I'm the old fashioned one. While the world is flying ahead with its digital cameras and such, I'm enjoying going to the past. Thus the Smena.

It's a camera made in the former Soviet Union (note the "made in USSR" inscription) in the 1970's. Apparently, they don't make them anymore; instead, fans of the basically, cheap and piece of junk camera refurbish them and sell them for much more than they are worth. So that people like me can have something fun to play with. You can find other kinds of lomography cameras here.

One of my favorite descriptions of the camera:

"The Smena 8M was scientifically engineered to waste as much shots as possible. Shutter cocking and film advance are separated, allowing to superimpose pictures, or half-pictures if the film partially advanced all by itself. One then usually forgets to focus as the viewfinder gives no focusing indication of any kind.

When shooting, the cocking lever returns to its initial position. Its trajectory naturally meets the fingers of the photographer, stopping the shutter release. Surviving pictures will finally benefit from light leaks, the body being horribly adjusted."

True to form, I had to tape one end of my film to the cassette winder because the film will not actually go through it as promised. Also, of the first role of 36 that I shot, only 6 pictures came out. The ones below are not my photos, but are taken with a Smena 8m, and are the sort of photo I'd love to take with mine.

The instruction booklet is fantastic as well. It's completely in Russian, but I managed to find an English translation on-line. That's where I discovered this gem of information:

"It is necessary to remember that it is expediently to use the weather symbols approximately from 8 a.m. to 17-18 p.m. in the period from April to August and from 10 a.m. to 14-16 p.m. from September to March."

Yikes. Do you think I'll end up on the No-Fly List for having one of these?

How 'Bout Them Oranges?


Herman: You got it?

Me: Yeah, just let me know if my oranges fall out.

See. Even I say stupid things that I can quote here.

OK. Maybe There is Something.


This is what happens when you have time (too much?) and some fun new camera toys.

Tomorrow I'll let you know about my fun Christmas gift. I wouldn't want to give it all away at once now, would I?

What's the Deal?

I bet you're wanting a really great excuse, right, for why it's been days since my last post?

Maybe I've been traveling to exotic locations, and just can't get to a computer to blog (I haven't). Maybe all of my time is being spent inside a studio, and as in the regular semester, I'm just swamped (I'm not). Maybe I was kidnapped and forced to watch horrible romantic comedies (I wasn't). Maybe you all don't really care (which is the most likely).

The truth is not at all exciting or romantic. I'm just tired. And can't think of anything to blog about. Which is funny because my blog isn't really about anything to begin with. And now I'm just wasting space and time to tell you that I can't think about anything to blog about on my blog that isn't really about anything.

What a sad little space I find myself in.

Maybe Analysis is Worthwhile When Others Do It Too.


Ok. Since Sir Wesley* asked so nicely:

4 jobs you've had in your life: 1. Pooper Scooper. Ok, it was more like pooper washer. I worked on a dairy. I cleaned up the poop from the barn after they milked the cows. Not one of my better jobs. 2. Seed planter / filer. Now I can't really describe this one accurately unless you're standing in front of me. All you need to know is that we weren't planting the seeds in soil, and it was one of the most mind numbingly boring jobs I've ever done. 3. Starbucks Barista. Simple enough. Except back in the day, we pulled the shots manually. None of this pushing buttons thing. I even have the carpal tunnel to prove it. 4. Administrative assistant. The 2nd most mind numbingly boring job I've ever had.

4 movies you can watch over and over: 1. Star Wars (the last three, of course). I grew up thinking I was Luke Skywalker. Yes, I know he's a guy. And yes, I know I'm a nerd. 2. So I Married an Axe Murderer. 3. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. 4. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

4 places you've lived: 1. Castleford, Idaho. Good luck finding it on the map. 2. Kissimmee, Florida. And, might I add, don't miss. 3. Mountain View, California. 4. Providence, Rhode Island.

4 TV shows you love to watch: 1. Alias. We've been through a lot together. I admit that I've been disappointed. But I just can't walk away. 2. Lost. JJ's brilliant attempt at keeping me close. 3. Scrubs. 4. Gilmore Girls. What? It's my one really guilty pleasure!

4 places you've been on vacation: 1. Oahu & Kauai. Ask me about the 12 mile hike sometime. 2. Italy (Rome, Capri, Assisi, Venice, Florence) 3. Krakow, Poland. 4. Prague, Czech Republic.

4 Websites you visit daily: 1. Google. 2. Design Sponge. 3. Design Inspiration. 4. Ready Made Magazine.

4 of your favorite foods: 1. My husband's Japanese Curry with pork. 2. My grandmothers angel food cake. 3. My Father in laws Sea Bass. 4. In-n-Out Burgers.

4 places you'd rather be: 1. T
he SF Bay Area. 2. Italy. 3. England. 4. Right here, at RISD (ahhhhhh).

4 albums you can't live without: This one is too hard, so I'm going to instead answer, 4 songs I can't live without: 1. Joshua Radin, Closer. 2. The Shins, New Slang. 3. Patrick Park, Something Pretty. 4. Iron & Wine, Trapeze Swinger.

Next 4 tagged: 1. Barbara (of course). 2. Sumiko. 3. Caryn. 4. Sharon.

*Not really a knight at all, but it just rolls off the tongue so nicely. Will I get in trouble with the Queen?

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