It's True.


I totally suck.

But here's a picture to appease you all until I get back to regular postings....

Pretty Pony.


I wish I didn't care as much as I do.

Look how pretty!


My internship is ending this week. I bet you thought I forgot about it huh? Huh?

It's than I thought it would be. It started out quite great - the current issue was closing and they had a lot of fun illustration work for me to do (Me? Doing illustration? Huh?), I'm even credited in the magazine. But after that, things went a bit south. Part of it understandable, part of it being a waste of my time.

But California...being back in California has been wonderful.

Check out the current issue next time you're in your friendly neighborhood Borders, B&N, or Urban Outfitters. There's a puking man and peeing cow that I am quite proud of. I'll put up scans when I can find a scanner.

Alaska For Beginners.


In spite of the disappointment of not getting to see any bears or moose in Alaska (isn't that place like teeming with those things?), we had, of course, a fantastic time.

Glaciers, fancy dinners, bald eagles, domesticated reindeer and cats, dogsled camp, rock climbing, king salmon, cheap drinks...what's not to love about cruising in Alaska?

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