Je m'appelle Claude*


And now we're in Paris...or, I'm in Paris. I arrived one week ago today (hola Paris!). Herman is arriving early tomorrow morning since he had some work things to take care of before he could come. But don't worry about me - I've had some company. Herman's cousin Thomas met me here in order to help me settle in a bit (yeah...he speaks fluent French and knows the city better than me), then my mother in law decided to come along too. I have been more than taken care of.

(Do you like how I pretend that nothing has happened? Don't hold your breath though because I'm not sure this whole blogging thing is going to stick. I am mainly doing this for you Sumi. Because you are my friend. And you are very pregnant. And I'll do anything to keep you happy right now. And because I'm sure you're the only one who's reading anyway...)

Anyway....PARIS! We found a wonderful studio flat (yay for craigslist!) right down the road from the Bastille. It's a bit tight, say for 3 people to be sharing, but it's absolutely perfect for me and Herman. It's right over an used bookstore (how perfect is that?), and overlooks Rue de la Roquette. I think I'm blending in quite well with the locals as I've been asked 3 different times for directions - from French people! Then, of course, I open my mouth and it all goes down hill from there. But I can walk the street with a baguette in my hand with the best of them.

It's only been a week, but I've managed to explore the Montmarte area (home to Van Gogh, Renior, The Moulin Rouge,
Sacré-Cœur, and many a sex museum...oh, and where they filmed one of my favorite movies), Champs-Elysees, St. Germain de Pres, the Bastille area, and tried to find Jim Morrison's grave (but came upon Chopin's instead). Oh, and did I mention that I've spent a number of hours in the darkroom already?

I've taken many photos in this past week, but they've all been with my film camera or my polaroid. Below are the few that I've taken with my tiny digi cam, when I've remembered to bring it.

Thomas and my mother in law on the Champs-Elysees. In front of the Arch of Triumph. Thomas and I in front of...something (still not sure what). Great Parisian chocolate and some of the most perfect package design I've seen.

*Just a bit of Friends humor for you.


Sumi said...

Loved the update, and love you! Thanks for somehow bridging these miles and managing to cheer me up in that special way that only you can!

Anonymous said...

annnnd traci's back online! You have at least two people reading your blog. Have a ball in Paris!

Anonymous said...

Make that three.

Glad you are alive and made it safely. I look forward to reading all about it.

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