Sir Dexter.


No. Dexter isn't in Paris with us. And no, this post isn't about Paris. But I miss my cat, and I've been sick for the past week and either couped up in our tiny apartment or in the dark post on the cat it is.

And yes, since you asked, I do in fact work like this.
And yes, he really does sleep through my typing and designing. I've tried breaking him of this habit, but after putting him on the floor and him jumping back up on the desk a dozen times or so, I just let him be.

Because really, I do love how needy he is.

My friend Katherine is graciously watching over the needy cat while we're gone. She's fantastic and adores him, but it's been quite hard for me. Normally we'd leave him with our friends Noa and Julie, but since they live in Japan now....(we miss you guys!)


Benji said...

Hey just FYI... I know of at least one other reader who not only reads your blogging but also loves it as well. I know it takes not only time and effort to do one but I do like the occasional update on your life.
P.S. the States already misses you

insaknitty said...

hi! :) you know, I can't seem to get a feed on your blog. so weird. it keeps sending me the old stuff. :P I'm sad I didn't see your paris posts until now! sounds like you had a fab time, tho. :) so so jealous...

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