Collectin' Art.


I love the idea of having an art wall (much like this one), and collecting art from different independent artists (and there is tons of great - and affordable - work out there). Even though we don't currently have space to have such a wall, and we'll be moving cross country at the end of the year (back to California!), I thought I'd begin my collection now.

I love these two Michael Sowa prints. His work is yummy and whimsical and was featured in Amelie. Next, Jay Ryan has been screenprinting for years and does incredible work. This Shins print is one of my favorites, and also hand printed which means once they're all sold, that's it. If we ever get to have kids, I'd love to fill their room with his stuff. Last is work by Scott Hanson, an incredible graphic designer. I love the retro style.

Most of the work out there is affordable enough that I can get one a month without breaking the bank. But what to choose first?

What do you guys think?


wendy said...

Hi! You're moving back to CA! How exciting!! I LOVE Scott Hanson's stuff! And the Shins poster too. Thanks for sharing :)

marmotsm said...

WAIT? You're moving back to CA?? Woo hoo! I've got one more year in the south and then maybe we can see you!

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