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So a couple of you have asked if I've given up on blogging. It was all sort of unintentional. School keeps me so busy that when I have an extra few moments that last thing I want to do is blog...then without even realizing it, the place that was hosting my website ended the package I was using. That was in April. I didn't realize this until last week. Sad. But it's all fixed now and ready for it's twice yearly blog posting....or maybe more. See how I keep you all on your toes?

June was...insane. I finished school then with barely enough time to catch my breath we headed to Turkey and Greece. Herman had a cousin getting married in Greece, so in the Yau tradition, there was a vacation built around it. It was great, of course. We started out in Istanbul, then headed to Athens for a few days, then went on a cruise through the beautiful Greek islands, stopping in Santorini, where we spent three days and attended his cousins wedding on the 16th of June. And that's where the insanity started.

On the 17th, we flew from Santorini to Athens, getting there just late enough so that Herman and I only got 2 hours of sleep before waking at 2.30 am to catch our 5.00 am flight to Amsterdam then to Detroit then to Providence. We got back into Providence around 8.00 pm, reunited with our cat, and woke up the next morning to frantically pack again (for spending the summer in CA), and head to Boston (with Sir Dexter in tow) for our flight to San Francisco. We arrived at 12.30 in the morning, and still jet lagged (go figure), drove down to Los Angeles on Wednesday night, arriving there at midnight.

Why so crazy? Because my little cousin Kelly was getting married on the 23rd, and I was actually in that wedding.
I'm still trying to recoup from it all, and get ready for a really busy summer of working for Herman's company (doing some freelance design work) and researching my degree project for this fall (the undergrad equivalent to a thesis). We'll also be in Idaho for a week before Herman leaves for China again. He'll get back just in time for us to head back to Providence for my last semester of school.


I have lots of photos from all the trips which I'll someday get up on my flickr account. Someday being the key word since I haven't even finished uploading all of my France photos.



Wesley said...

It's strange and a little sad that the more interesting one's life becomes, the less time one has to blog about it -- perhaps we need to enlist all the bored/boring bloggers to ghostwrite for us. Hmm, not sure if that would work.

Anyway, it's always fun to get a glimpse into your jet-set lifestyle.
Have a good summer!

Traci said...

Hey Wesley!

You're sort of a jet-setter yourself...

I'm glad you check in every now and then.

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