Can You Stand It?


Since Herman is in Asia (Japan, China, Thailand) and I'm here in Rhode Island, we asked one of the sales people at our community to take some photos of our place for us. I just opened my email and when I saw these photos I think my exact words (out loud for only the Dex to hear) were "Oh Crap!" In a good way of course.

I know that they only have about 2 months to finish and I know that after getting drywall up it all goes pretty quick, but I don't think I was expecting cabinets and everything to actually start looking finished. It's just too exciting! I am trying to be all here and finish school strong. Really, I am...

Now for the tour:
1. Our kitchen! With cabinets! We're going to have black granite counter tops, and a light gray subway tile back splash.
2. From the 3rd floor looking down to the main level landing then to the front door. It's quite impressive when you walk in the front door and see all those stairs. Our very own mini Mt. Everest.
3. From the top of the stairs looking past the closet for the washer and dryer, and into the master suite.
4. In the guest bedroom, looking towards the bathroom.
5. Guest bathroom (with tub!)
6. Cabinet area in by the washer/dryer closet in the hall.
7. Master bathroom! We'll have two framed mirrors over the vanity and the shower will be to the right.
8. Master bedroom looking towards our balcony.
9. Our balcony.


insaknitty said...

how exciting!! for the record, no, I just can't stand it.

Traci said...

Thanks Susan!

Are you guys moved in yet? I can't wait to see your place!

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