Home Beautiful.


Surprisingly...er, maybe not since many of you have seen how I dress, I don't know much about clothing or fashion. But what I don't spend on stuff to put on me, I love to spend on stuff to put into my home.

When we moved to Providence over two years ago, we moved into a rather dreary (but inexpensive) apartment, complete with dreadful berber carpet and pink tinted counter tops, I stopped buying home stuff. It just didn't seem to make a lot of sense spending money on this place. I think we succeeded in making it feel homey and comfortable enough with the few things we had.

Now that we get to move into a beautiful new home in a few months, I've started home shopping again (I guess it's just as well that I took a hiatus from it, because I feel my style has changed and matured over the past couple of years). I haven't went completely nuts, but I have picked up a few things that I really love:

1. Malm bed from Ikea in black-brown. Who knew you could get a gorgeous bed for under $150? Sure, it might not last forever, but we'll enjoy it in the meantime.
2. Malm beside tables, also from Ikea.
3. Marimekko bedding bought from CB2 on clearance. Score!
4. Birds of a Feather mobile by Helene Ige. This was a special purchase. I saw it, fell in love with it, and stewed over it for a number of weeks before taking the plunge. I couldn't be happier.
5. Salad plates and bowls from West Elm. We're giving most of our furniture and stuff to my brother in law before we move...so of course I need beautiful new dishes. An early Christmas present from my parents.
6. There's this great little store in Providence chock full of gorgeous and unique items from independent designers. I was in there last spring and saw these owl salt and pepper shakers. I decided to wait on them, and of course, they didn't have them anymore when went a couple of weeks ago. So when I saw them for sale at Anthropologie, I had to grab them. They also have great little sake cups that I'd like to add someday.
7. My most recent find on ebay. A 1960's Italian owl bank. We call him Bernard.
8. A great looking 78 piece silverware set from Target for only $50? Of course.


julie said...

Oooo - I love the stuff. You know how I love home decorating. I see how your style has changed...and I love it! The birds are very cool. Love the mobile.

insaknitty said...

I've also been going house stuff crazy. (apparently, I'm also going comment crazy...) I got a malm bed too! haha! but off craigslist because I'm poor now. also, I want to eat the owls too. you're killing me!

Traci said...

Julie, you guys will need to stop by in SF sometime!

Susan...post photos when you get moved in! Let's have house warming / celebration of having a home parties when we get back! Oh, do you love the Malm? I love the Malm.

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