House Update #01


(Let's just pretend that it hasn't been 2 months since I updated the progress on our house, shall we?)

Herman made a trip back home last week for work stuff, with me joining him over the weekend for his dad's 60th birthday. Of course, spending time with family (and seeing Sumiko, Dean, and Kaia), was great, but we also had a chance to walk through our town home.

Earlier in the week (when these photos were taken...and I was in Providence), Herman and his mom went on the electrical walk through of the house, just to make sure that everything we wanted (recessed lighting, etc.) was where it was supposed to be before they started putting up the drywall.

It's crazy how quickly it's coming along. The outsides are almost done, and by the time I got to see it last Friday, they had started on the insulation. A small part of me just wants to sit there and watch them build it. But as my very observant brother in law pointed out - "that would be boring." So now we're back in Rhode Island, and the next time I get to see it, it'll pretty much be done. They're predicting closing in the first week of January, and with me wanting to paint before moving in, hopefully we'll be settled by the end of January.

Fingers crossed, of course.

(left to right):
01. The front of the units. Ours is the second from the left, with the big redwood directly in front of our door. Our place opens onto the street, so that fence will not be there in the end.
02. Front door, patio, and giant window in our living room.
03. Coming in the front door, a half flight of stairs up to the main living area. The full flight goes upstairs to the bedrooms.
04. View from the landing to the living room and down out the front door.
05. View from the giant window in the living room, through to the rest of the house (kitchen, bathroom, office).
06. The kitchen.
07. Door and stairway down to the garage.
08. Shows the extra insulation and air space that will be between our wall and our neighbors.
09. Our very skinny tandem 2 car garage.
10. Our bedroom with sliding doors out to the balcony (looks over the street and trees, and not into someone else's master bedroom. Very nice!)
11. The very skinny balcony outside our bedroom.
12. There are 9 units in our building. Ours is the second from the end (on the right).


Sooms said...

I almost felt like donning an ill-fitting, green hard hat that despite my best adjustment efforts refused to conform to the massive globe that is my noggin' while reading that entry . . . don't know why! *shrug* Can't believe su casa (which in my dreams would be mi casa) is near complete! Woot! And . . . did you say you hail from Idaho? ;)

Traci said...

huh. Doesn't ring a bell. :)

By the way, "sooms" is so much better than my own version of "sums". Nice!

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