So Many Talented People.


Every spring and fall (perhaps more often?) RISD has a big student and alumni art sale. For some bizarre reason, we never made it to the sale until the one last May. At that sale, we acquired a great screen print (which is already packed away, so no photos, sorry) by a very talented print making student.

So we decided to go to the one this past weekend, seeing as we're moving back to California very soon...which means no more RISD art sales. There was a ton of great stuff. There are some seriously talented people here, and we had a hard time choosing between 5 different pieces. Below are the ones we ended up walking away with. The sheep print is by a girl named Kate Walsh, and the forest print is by Rose Gottlieb.

I think I might miss this part of the whole thing.


insaknitty said...

omg, I want to eat that sheep. too cute!

Traci said...

mmmmm...round sheep!

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