We have this cute little digicam that was given to us a few years ago. I find that I don't use it as much as I used to because we now have two digital SLR's (and face it, they just take way better pictures), but the other day I saw it sitting on our bookshelf. I turned it on and was surprised to find some photos from Paris. Besides bringing back all the good and yummy memories, it also made me realize that I only blogged about Paris four times. A sad, sad, four times. So, even though we were in Paris 10 months ago, I will continue to blog about it at random times, like today.

To find great cheese and wine, we could have went to one of the cheese markets, or to one of the wine stores. But the cheese markets overwhelm me and didn't smell good, and we did go to the wine store (hello 3 euro bottles of wine!), but we found that we loved this little supermarket called the Monop. One of our favorite things to try were the wine by the glass. They were about 2.5 inches tall, sealed on top, and quite yummy. My other favorite thing was Brebis cheese. I still love it, but made the mistake of googling it and finding out that Brebis is made from sheep's milk. Now, there is no good reason why sheep's milk skeeves me out a little, but it does. I can still eat it but I have to banish all thoughts of lambs from my mind.

The other thing we loved, and which if any of you go to France you have to try, are French macaroons...especially from Laduree. I really can't think of a way to describe how amazing and delicious these are. I spent way too much time trying to find them in SF this summer, and succeeded in finding only 3 places that make them. They were good, but obviously, not as good as you'll find in France. Our last week there we spent a week traveling in the south of France. The day before we were leaving to fly home, our train stopped in Paris before we boarded another one to go stay the night at our friends Josh and Holly's. We had an hour layover, so Herman left the train station, ran to the nearest Laduree to get me one last box of chocolate and caramel macaroons (what a guy), and another box as a gift to my friends who watched Dexter while we were gone. They were so good that I wrapped one up, and took it back to Sumiko when I flew home to see her and her new baby. I'll never forget her face when she and Dean cut the tiny cookie in half and experienced the amazingness that is the French macaroon. Seriously, I'm drooling here. So, so good.

Sorry about the horrendous quality of these photos...dang you little digicam.


macaroonaholic said...

Next time you're in Paree, I'd like a dozen chocolate macaroons to go, please. Yes, they will break the bank and empty the baby's college tuition fund, but they're so worth it. Thanks for righting my wrong impression that macaroons were dry coconuty little things (and not much to write home about)! How wrong I was . . . oh, and best baby gift EVER!

Traci said...

Anytime...maybe we should make our future trip to Paris rather than Santorini. We can spend the whole time taste testing different macaroon places, even though we know we'll always agree that Laduree is unbeatable. Except for the giant rose/lychee/raspberry macaroon at Pierre Hermes. MMMMMMMMM....

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