2 Months to Go!


So what does a Yau do when they have a little over 24 hours in the Bay Area? Go check on the progress of the town house, of course. After a month away and three different countries, Herman is finally going to be back in Rhode Island with me tomorrow night. I'm very excited that he's almost home...and very excited that he took some new photos of the house!

Tentatively we're supposed to have our final walk through around January 9, and close about a week later. But, you never know with construction, and...I'm a pessimist....so I'm just hoping that we'll have the keys before the end of January. Fingers crossed!

1. The wide shot of our building (we're on the second from the left). The big wooden fence has finally come down and it looks like they are starting to do a bit of landscaping.
2. Our front door is right behind that wooden piece.
3. Our front door and patio!
4. The window into our livingroom.
5. Our kitchen. Even with the protective plastic on the cabinets they are still beautiful!
6. Kitchen again. The sink will face into the living room on the right.
7. Downstairs bathroom. They still need to grout the tile and install the toilet, but the rest of it looks great!
8. Upstairs. The guest bedroom is to the left, and the small closet for the laundry is to the right. We're hoping to fit a full size stackable washer and dryer in there!
9. Guest bathroom (upstairs).
10. Our bathroom. The toilet closet is to the left and the shower to the right of the counter.
11. Looking into the master bedroom.


La Casa de Mexicanos Durmiendos said...

You're right . . . you guys are kicking are neighbors' buns! Can't believe the progress, and you must be dying from all of the excitement!

Grammar nazi said...

Whoops . . . OUR neighbors' buns! It's late over here! :)

insaknitty said...

oooooh!!! I can't wait to come and party at the yaus'! do you like how your house isn't even finished and you're still on the other side of the country, yet I've already invited myself over? ;)

Traci said...

Susan - we love it and look forward to it!

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