More Stuff I Love.


So the last post on shopping/home stuff was stuff I love and for stuff I love and don't have. But I wanted to share anyway because I figured that you guys would love this stuff too. Enjoy!

1. Gorgeous. Gorgeous. Gorgeous. It would look amazing in our future bedroom. I just don't know if I'd ever be able to actually spend more than $50 on art...
2. I adore this tray, and was waiting to get it. Then I checked the website the other day...and they're sold out! This is a really great alternative though.
3. Ok, ok, not so much for the home...but look how pretty!
4. It's type. On a pillow. Need I say more?
5. Every single one of these is of each would be great.
6. I have to sleep with a fan on. Right now we have a cheap plastic fan from Target. Great for white noise, not so great for the eyes. But this vintage looking beauty would be great all around.
7. I think she would be the perfect companion for Bernard...what do you think?
8. It's birds. In brown. On a pillow. Need I say more?


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