Redecorating and Gratuitous Kitteh Shots.


So the really unbelievable thing is that in a little less than two weeks, Dexter and I will be on a plane home. Leaving Providence behind for good. It's crazy. And slightly sad. But mostly just exciting. Although there is a ton of stuff to get done before the 15th - including presenting my degree project and portfolio.

Which, speaking of my portfolio...hopefully within the next week, my website will be a fully operational portfolio website! I've decided though, not to link to my blog from the main site. But never fear my faithful 5 readers - I'm going to keep my blog running. Just make sure you type in the direct address to it:

And now for some photo fun:

1. Our living room as it has been for the last 2.5 years. Very comfortable.
2. Our living room after thanksgiving when my brother in law came up from New Haven and took the majority of our furniture. And yes, those are captains chairs. We're also sleeping on an air mattress. Très, très, classy
3. Our living room today, after we listed and sold the rest of our big items on Craigslist yesterday.
4-9. Gratuitous Kitteh shots. Blissfully unaware.


Anonymous said...

I'm counting down the weeks, too! Looking foward to catching up sometime after you are in the land of milk and honey.

Yours truly, Lina

Wendy said...

i love the kitty shots! esp the ones of him peeking out of the cubbies and sleeping on the keyboard :) less than 2 weeks to go!

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