CES, Mustangs, MacWorld, and More Gratuitous Kitteh Shots.


A bit of a round-up of the last week....

Herman spent all of last week in Vegas, launching (pre-launching?) seedonk at the Consumer Electronics Show. I'm so proud of him, and it was super cool to see his idea becoming a reality. I flew into Vegas on Thursday morning, and got to see the last day of the CES. It was fun to see all the latest gadgets and trends (super skinny tvs! cell phones that...do....things!), but I have to admit that it was slightly overwhelming after awhile.

Our plan on Friday was to go to the Shelby Auto Factory in the morning, rest and hang out in the afternoon, and catch the last Love show of the day at 10.00. But when we got to the Shelby Auto Factory, it was closed for a special event - Carroll Shelby, the man himself, was turning 85 and they were having a huge celebration for him. Oddly enough, we weren't invited in. We did go to Love that night (at the Mirage) and it was fantastic. You might even say it was bloody fantastic (see what I did there?). It was over way too quickly and I believe my first words (after sitting with a dumb grin on my face for several minutes) were "Can we see it again?" Herman just smiled at me, that being the second time he'd seen it.

On Saturday morning we made attempt number two at seeing the Shelby Auto Factory, and were not disappointed. We got to see the museum portion, which is basically Carroll Shelby's personal auto collection...his very enviable auto collection (row 1 photos). Then we took a tour of the factory where they create the original Shelby's, as well as where they take your pitiful little 300 hp V8 Mustang GT 500 and turn it into a 600 or 700 hp monster. At which I say, "I'll take two please!" (the beautiful car in row 2).

One of the cool benefits of being there during the big birthday weekend was seeing a small part of the big Mustang meet that was taking place. Apparently, there were races and other fun things for the celebration. Those who know me know that the 1967 Shelby GT 500 (Mustang) is the dream...It was great to see one in the showroom, but also fun to see a 68 in the parking lot (last row of photos). Of course, it will only remain a dream unless someone wants to shell out over 6 figures to buy me one. Herman did buy me a model replica though!

One last cool benefit of being there last weekend: when we were getting in our car to leave, another car pulled up along side us. I casually glanced in and was shocked to see Patrick Dempsey in the passenger seat. He quickly got out of the car and went to talk to someone. I sort of wish I had the guts to talk to him, but I didn't. And really, what would I say? It was fun though.

The big thing happening this week in was the MacWorld Expo in San Francisco. I sort of followed the big announcement but otherwise didn't really think much about it until Herman came home from work Tuesday night and asked me if I wanted to go to MacWorld sometime this week. Um, yes please! We went on Thursday morning and whatever geekiness didn't come out in me at CES came out here. I loved the huge teaser banners, and walking into a huge convention hall with all these Mac Users...or "Mac Fanboys" as Herman likes to call them. We got to play a bit with the new MacBook Air (which is every bit as sexy and sleek as it looks), and saw some pretty cool booths. All in all, not a bad time.

In house news, I don't have any new photos, but I can report that the place continues to look absolutely fantastic. They've landscaped the entire front, and I assume, are just taking care of the last minute details. We have our final walk through this Wednesday, and we close the following Wednesday. I'm going to spend a few days painting after the closing and before we move in, but hopefully, if all goes well we'll be moved in in two weeks or so!

And lastly, for your viewing pleasure:

More gratuitous kitteh shots! I was having fun with our wide angle lens...at, as Herman pointed out, Dexter's expense.
I'm not sure what he's doing in that last shot. And really, it's probably better if we don't ask.


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