One More Week!


Look how pretty!

Today was our final walk through before closing. This was the day that we got to see our house in all of its finished glory. We spent a couple of hours with a customer service guy, going over the house with a very fine tooth comb - pointing out places that need touched up, etc. We're quite lucky because there weren't any huge changes that needed to be made.

The place is gorgeous and I can't wait for all of you to see it. We get our keys next Wednesday (hopefully...if nothing out of the ordinary happens) and I'll probably start painting that day. Maybe we'll be moved in enough to watch the Super Bowl at our place!

The quality (color) of the photos isn't too great, but I'll take better ones (and more of them!) after we get the keys. There'll be a lot of before and after shots.


Amy said...

Hey Traci! Thanks for your ARE you? I have been tracking you on your blog (yes, I am one of the faithful 5) and love your new place. The subway tiles do look great. Can't wait to see pics of you all moved in. Congrats on the degree & the move ...glad you are finally home. (I miss you too & am so jealous of your time in Paris - you crazy!)

e koproski said...

your place looks amazing. but a graduate of RISD better have an eye for amazing detail :) when you're settled and now that my life has settled a bit, lets have a chat. i'd love to talk with you.

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