At Least I Didn't Get Drunk With the Busboys.


So I turned 30 on Monday. 30. I don't know what 30 is supposed to look like, but I have this strong sense that I should be dressing better. You know...not so much like a college kid.

Besides being a bit sad (more for comedic affect rather than really being sad. Sort of), I had a pretty good thirtieth. Herman got me an iPod touch, which is definitely one of the coolest things I now own and makes my sad old iPod look, well...sad and old. And clunky. He also got me a few movies (including this one that I've been wanting for a long time) and a speaker dock thingy to plug my new iPod into. Woot!

My day was filled with heartfelt birthday wishes (some of which made me tear up a bit), cool gifts, my favorite foods, tulips, friends, family, and French macarons (yum!). All in all, not too shabby for a thirtieth birthday. A big thanks to all of you!

"Can I keep the presents and still be 29?"


Shelley said...

Happy 30th!!!

It's a wierd birthday, huh? I had mine in February and I too, have had this sense that I should be dressing more "mature" but when I look 20 it kind of seems pointless! But I'm trying nontheless.

Sounds like you got some cool loot though! woot!!

Wendy said...

Wow, happy 30th!! It does sound like you had a great one :) I'm glad Herman got back in time to celebrate with you!

Traci said...

Thanks Shelley and Wendy!

insaknitty said...

oh! happy belated! I totally watched that episode of friends last week! haha. and then I dvr'ed it so I can watch it when I turn 30. haha. yay for good presents!

bazeblog said...

hey traci... you are lookin' great for 30 or any age... love the hair :).

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