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One good thing about having little disasters strike in a new home built in a community is that there is a one year period where you can call on said community to come to your aid, especially if there is water coming out of your ceiling.

Yesterday, the customer service guy and some of the construction guys came over, pulled out the washer and dryer and tried to figure out what was wrong. They ended up snaking the pipes, then cutting a hole in the laundry room area to see if they could figure it out. The good thing is that whatever was blocking the pipe must've been pushed through because when we ran the washer again there were no problems. They then patched up the wall and went downstairs to the kitchen to fix our ceiling. Luckily the water damage was minimal (seeing as how the bulk of the water came out the fire sprinkler hole), but they cut a huge hole in our ceiling just to make sure, then cut out the wet spots, and immediately patched it back up. (E - I was going to take a picture of the huge hole in my kitchen ceiling...but I couldn't get to my camera before they had it patched up). The good news is that I ran a load of laundry today and all the water stayed where it should. Woot!

So on with the tour!

Should you ever come to the SF Bay Area and need a place to stay, this is the room you will be staying in:

As you can see, there is a huge (yes, it takes up most of the room) comfy bed, and plenty of reading materials to keep you occupied.

And an owl, of course. If you are lucky, he might be filled with candy.

I saw this screen printed typographic poster awhile ago on some design blog and the graphic designer in me met the SF lover in me and we both leaped for joy and then immediately bought one. It's really quite beautiful (they also have Boston, Brooklyn, Chicago, and Manhattan) and impressive.

Remember the Manhattan mist paint color that turned out lavender in our office that I had to paint over? Well, we decided that we would put it here in the guest room. For the most part, it looks like a nice gray, but in low light the lavender really comes out, but it's the guest room and seems to go well with the bedding, so I'm pretty happy (plus, I really didn't want to repaint another room).

And added bonus - a private bathroom! Definitely nice.

See more on Flickr! Tomorrow I'll finish (so soon?) the tour with our bedroom, one of my favorite rooms in the house.


e koproski said...

i think that room would DEFINATELY meet the Koproski needs :) It would be a BLAST to make a visit your way one of these years. Maybe when we both go to get our zhongguo xiao hai. :)

Traci said...

We'd love to have the Koproski's! How's the adoption going by the way?

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