I Called It!


So, no house tour today. Mainly because I came home from running errands and found a HUGE puddle of water in the middle of my kitchen. From whence did it come? The frickin' laundry closet...upstairs. See, I left a load of wash washing when I went out, not knowing that the stand pipe would decide to reject the water all over the floor.

I freaked out. Then called some good friends...no, some great friends, who rushed to my aid. Now I have to wait until tomorrow morning when some construction dudes come over to figure out what's going on.

Did I mention that the ceiling in my kitchen is leaking? And that my husband is currently half way around the world? Seriously, freaky things happen when that guy goes away.

If I find time tomorrow I'll post the guest room.


elizabeth koproski said...

forget the guest room, i wanna see picks of the leaky ceiling - oh, go ahead and throw in the guest room too, why not?! :)It is a conspiracy that bad things happen when the husband is gone. boo.

insaknitty said...

poor traci! I would offer to help, but I'd really only be helping you freak out, not helping you fix it. because, hey, do one thing and do it well, right? ;) hope everything ends up ok!

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