When "The Deal" Sort of Sucks.


I'm pretty lucky in the husband department for many reasons, most that I've mentioned here before. One that I'm really thankful for is that we share similar tastes when it comes to what to do with our home. And, unlike a lot of husbands, he really cares about these things.

There are still those times though, when ours desires really clash. For instance, he would really like to have an oriental rug (he sort of fell in love with them when we were in Turkey last year), but they are something that I really can't get behind putting in our home (I appreciate the craft...just don't like how they look).

So we came up with a deal for these sort of situations and it goes a little like this: if one of us sees something that the other doesn't really like, but can live with (ie, my current owl obsession), we give the go ahead to get said thing. But if one of really likes something that the other really, really doesn't like (ie, his desire for an oriental rug), we have to let it go.

So far, it's worked quite well for us, and we've both gladly given up a number of things. Until I fell in love with this print...and Herman really didn't like it. le sigh.

So one of you needs to give this lovely little print a home. Preferably someone who will let me admire it from afar from time to time.


Shelley said...

That is very similar to the deal Kevin and I have. Whenever something is being debated between us, we ask "how much do you want it from 1-10?". If one of us feels strongly enough to warrant an 8 or above, then the other gives in. We haven't had a situation where one of us feels equally strongly against something. I guess we'd rent inflatable sumo suits to settle that one.

Traci said...

Or you could stick pillows up your shirts and sumo it out in your living room.

Not that we've, uh, ever done that or anything.

Shelley said...

I seriously laughed out loud at the thought of that.

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