We Are Campfire


A month or so ago, a friend (from out of town) and I were driving up to San Francisco for a bit of shopping. I'm not even sure how we got on this topic, but I said, somewhat jokingly, that one surefire way to stand out as a tourist in San Francisco, or anywhere in the Bay Area for that matter, was to call it "Frisco" or "San Fran" (or "San Franfrisco" as my dear grandfather would say).

She turned to me and said, "What do you guys call it then?"

I replied, "San Francisco...or mostly, 'The City'."

A few days later, I was in "The City" at the Renegade Craft Fair and came upon the We Are Campfire booth. They are a few graphic designers that screen print t-shirts, mostly witty sayings about different cities, or things about typography and design. I immediately fell in love with the very graphic feel of their shirts, and started looking through the pile for one for my husband.

Then I saw it: "The City of the City: San Francisco". Genius!

My friend and I decided that we'd walk around a bit more, but that I'd go back and get it before we left. Of course, I realized when we were half way home (a 30 minute drive) that I totally forgot to get the shirt! I looked online, but the shirt wasn't up yet. Until...a couple of weeks ago! I ordered it, it came, we love it.

Definitely check them out! They have a crazy collection of t-shirts. Some of my favorites (besides the one we got) are below.


Sumiko said...

Did you book your favorite t-shirt model again for this shoot? ;) Love the shirt!

insaknitty said...

I saw these! they have some really fun stuff. love!

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