Saturday Afternoon.


I spent Saturday afternoon hanging out with the beautiful and very talented Wendy and her adorable puppy Charlie. After some chatting and catching up, we went fabric shopping (step one of me getting over my fear of sewing...and of fabric shops), and stopped at an unexpected garage sale in her neighborhood. I found an old Kodak instant camera, and some amazing old books. The first two are from 1903 and 1905, and the Painters Encyclopedia has some amazingly beautiful writing in it (which I can't read very well). I also found some great old childrens books to add to our ever growing collection. Thanks for a fun day Wendy!


wendy said...

I had so much fun too! The garage sale was such a fun surprise. Still can't believe how old those books are! Seeing you collect old children's books makes me want to start one too.. :)

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