Flea Market Finds!


On Sunday I (finally) made it up to the Alameda Flea Market with my super fun treasure hunting buddy (thanks Wendy!). It was a perfect day and I found a few things that I'm really excited about:

1. These old Junior Edition novels. I'd found the first 6 at a local used book store (for 50 cents a piece!) and loved them and their pretty colors and beautiful illustrations. I'd seen them at various places online, always for about $10 - 15 each, so considered it good luck and a good deal to find 3 for 15. Hopefully I can find more. So pretty!

2. A copy of the Little Prince! I think it might even be a first edition of the English Translation? I'm not sure, but the copyright is 1943...

3. Some old wood type to add to my growing collection. I picked up the A and the 3 on Sunday.

4. The Beatles "Yellow Submarine" Album (so happy!). Yes, I have an old record player...and yes, I use it. Love!



I've never been to a flea market but a friend of mine said she wants to go to one as one of our outings. We plan to do more stuff when I get back home in May because we realized we don't do too much besides going to a bar once in awhile or hang out at home.

insaknitty said...

SO AWESOME!!!! seriously, you have to stop this torment!

Traci said...

Welcome to my world (glad you stopped by!)...you should definitely check out a flea market. There is much fun to be had!

Susan! Come with us next time!

Motormouth said...

I love "The Little Prince"! I first read it in the originally French in high school. That's a super find!

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