It's A Polar Bear!


I first fell in love with the screen printing work of Jay Ryan about 3 or 4 years ago. This print is one of the first that I bought for our new place, and to be completely honest, I'd sort of love to have an entire wall in my house dedicated solely to his work.

Excessive? Perhaps.

Awhile back, I saw this series for the
blue planet live tour, and immediately feel in love with the polar bear print. Apparently a bunch of other people did as well because his run of 300 ran out pretty fast.

But that's where the wonder of ebay comes in, where I managed to snag a mint condition print for the same price that they were being sold on Jay Ryan's website. Score!

The print makes me exceedingly happy, and I'm working on talking Herman into at least getting the whale and the penquin ones to round out the collection. Stay tuned.


On the Eastern Journey said...

Of course you have to get the whale and the penguin! What a neat print. (I love collections of three, BTW.)

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