Um. Finally.


This is such old news that it's almost embarrassing.

Back in January, when Target announced that they would be releasing a line of Orla Kiely goods, I, along with the rest of the design blogosphere people, was incredibly excited. But when they actually released the line, I was in I had my friend Wendy on the lookout for the one thing that I really wanted: a set of the pear canisters.

Unfortunately, at least here in CA, her stuff went really fast and reduced me and my friends to a bit of a crazed state where we visited every Target within reasonable driving distance (multiple times a week) trying to get our hands on something Orla Kiely. Some stores had stuff. Others didn't. It was crazy (And I have to say a huge thanks to both Wendy and Susan who at different times managed to grab me some really great stuff...just not the ellusive pear canisters).

Since I couldn't find the canisters, I decided to just order them online, knowing it would take a bit longer, but at least I'd get them. Um. That was on February 15th. Yeah.

Last week I called them and was told that, hey, look at that! They're shipping tomorrow. Tomorrow came and I still didn't get a shipping notice from them.

So then (yes, this story has an ending) yesterday, I needed to run to Target and since I didn't want to drive all the way to Cupertino or San Mateo to hit the good Targets, I ran to the one close to our house. The dreaded dark cave Target that lives in some other dimension and rarely has a good selection of anything. And guess what they had. Yup, and entire display of Orla goods...including numerous sets of the canisters! Even stranger was the fact that other Targets had been clearancing this stuff for the past few weeks.

So finally! I am a proud and happy owner of a set of Orla Kiely pear canisters.

Now I just have to figure out what I want to actually do with them.


insaknitty said...

oh my god!! wth?? how did they have them? and did you buy the rest to list on ebay? ans YAAYY!! I'm so happy for you! and how lame is

Traci said... = Supa lame! you think I should go buy more for ebay? I was totally wondering that myself!

btw...wv: kimblusn

insaknitty said...

hm... are they still selling for like 3x the retail price on ebay? if so, then do it! if not, then... probably not worth the effort.

what is a kimblusn?! I think it's the same language as "ounli" though.

On the Eastern Journey said...

Love your new canisters! Yeah for an unexpected find!

wendy said...

wow.. that is so crazy and random!! my sis-in-law had also ordered from target, and it was also taking forever. so she ended up checking the website, which said the target in cupertino had the canisters. but when she went, they weren't on the shelves, so she talked to an employee, who then asked her, "how many do you want?", went to the back, and got her a set! apparently, they have a good amount of them at the store.. but just not out on the shelves! crazy, huh?? so yeah, she cancelled her order. sigh.

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