Camera Strap.


I love my new camera (that Herman got me for my birthday), but the thing I was NOT loving was the giant neck strap that it came with. That neck strap would look big on an SLR, let alone this little guy. And since I'm sort of a klutz, and I tend to drop things...I figured that I was going to need something to secure the camera to me.

I found Lilybug on Etsy and was immediately smitten with her hand made wrist straps. I emailed her to see if she had any other fabric choices (she did!) and I chose this cute little Japanese apple fabric.

I love it, it stays securely where it should, and it came with a secret added feature: husband repellent! Herman says he just can't be seen carrying around a camera with such a girly wrist strap. ha!

I also want to thank you all for letting me know your thoughts on our big kitchen wall art decision. It's so much fun! While choice number one is clearly the favorite (and with good reason!), we're leaning more towards choice number 2 and I'm totally fine with that (although I did purchase this little guy to go with on our living room wall...I think he'll fit in quite nicely there). One we make a final decision and get the prints framed and hung, I'll definitely come back with photos.


insaknitty said...

so cute!! I was looking forever for a wrist strap too... I ended up getting a crap one from a cell phone store. haha. I did see lilybug's etsy store, but the dimensions of the strap seemed really wide and long - is that not the case? I want to see it next time we play! :D

also, best word verification ever:
foxylot. haha.

Traci said...

foxylot...ha ha...ah. sigh.

um, I'll bring the camera (and thus the strap) on Saturday. I like the dimensions. Haven't really thought about it so I guess that's a good sign?

pylrq! Something you say when your mouth is full of food?

Sumiko said...

"Foxylot" is what you'll get this Saturday when Insaknitty, Dozi, and 45Wall all converge to witness Dean getting "ordinated". I expect a whole Lumix paparazzi team covering the event, ladies! :)

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