More Flea Market Finds.


Yesterday was the Alameda Flea Market! It was a gorgeous day (and very crowded) and my friends and I all walked out with some pretty great finds:

1. A cute little divided Pyrex dish (for all that, um, cooking I do)
2. Three more books to add to my collection!
3. Vinyl! Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (yay!), Let it Be, Live at San Quentin


Sumiko said...

The pyrex just makes me happy!

wendy said...

ahhh the pyrex!! i think i love it! and it's divided too! swoon..

Shelley said...

OH OH!!! I have that pyrex dish but in a pretty salmony pink! whenever I buy grapes I put them in it and it makes me hap hap happy!

Also..I am dying at all the good stuff at the flea market! Looks like fun :)

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