My Friendly Neighborhood Philz


For the most part, I really really love working from home. But sometimes, I do feel the need to get out and clear my head a bit...and luckily, I've found the perfect place to do just that. Philz! They've opened one about a half mile from our house and I absolutely love it. I love walking in and telling the staff that I'm looking for a fantastic iced coffee...and they immediately whip up something super yummy and super refreshing. And while the cafe itself is tiny (and sort of hot inside) they've got an amazing shaded patio area that I could spend hours at. And probably will. I'm going to be getting a new laptop soon, so I can definitely see lots of Philz afternoons in my future.



Sumiko said...

I bet sitting out on a patio on a nice summer afternoon, sipping some iced joe philz great! :)

Traci said...

You and the Kaia kid should come join me sometime! I'm sure they have lots of decaf/non coffee options...And may I say it's especially perfect on those super hot air conditioner-less inland days. I actually get cold sitting in the shade on their patio!

Shelley said...

I'm soooo jealous. I only know of one independent coffee shop within miles of our house. Next time I'm out there you must takes me to the Philz!

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